Project Kick-Off:
  • Create Project budgets
  • Create Phase Codes for job costing
  • Create CPM Schedule
  • Create & maintain submittal log
  • Create various project plans & submittals
  • Issue & negotiate POs & subcontracts
  • Provide data for DAS 140 forms
  • Create Bill of Materials
  • Publish Job Books
  • Conduct Preconstruction Meeting
  • Procure & coordinate all site utilities and temporary facilities
  • Schedule & assist project mobilization
Project Execution:
  • Capable of running one large or several smaller projects at a time
  • Expected to be knowledgeable, curious and studious regarding all aspects of the construction of water & waste water facilities
  • Required to notify management whenever something on the project of a significant nature could impact the safety of personnel, efficacy of the work, schedule, profitability or reputation & standing of GSE
  • Sets the overall direction of the work on the project, primary planner, trouble shooter and decision maker for the project
  • In conjunction with Superintendent , job site hiring and dismissal
  • Responsible for written discipline of job site management & support staff
  • Responsible for building and maintaining a project teem that successfully completes the project and enhances GSE's long term capacity
  • Monitor project budgets including monthly Job Cost Projections, ultimate responsibility for the profitability of the projects
  • Maintain CPM Schedule and ensure that the project is on or ahead of schedule, over billed and with a positive % billed vs. % time ratio
  • Create & process submittals including verifying accuracy, coordinating with engineers and suppliers all the way through approval and release to fabrication
  • Create, log & track RFIs
  • Create, log, track & negotiate PCOs & COs including View Point entry
  • Entry of monthly subcontractor calculations in View Point
  • Author most project related correspondence
  • Complete responsibility for executing and enforcing POs & subcontracts
  • Prepare and process invoices including collections
  • Ensure that all required notifications are made in order to comply with DAS 140 & apprenticeship programs
  • Maintain Bill of Materials, responsible for all purchasing of materials for the projects including ensuring that all materials are on site as scheduled for the work
  • Ensure that material receiving and entry into View Point system is timely, thorough and accurate
  • Conduct all job site meetings with owners, engineers, subcontractors, suppliers and employees
  • Responsible for training and assisting project engineers, superintendents and job site administrative staff
  • Responsible for ensuring safe work practices including preplanning and engineering measures for safety
  • Work with Superintendent to ensure that the correct equipment is on site (including form systems), maintained and appropriately utilized minimizing rentals and maximizing productivity
  • Responsible for managing the Project Superintendent in all of his duties relative to the project
  • Ensure good house keeping and that the operations are well planned and effectively & efficiently implemented (i.e. handling excavated material one time, proper layout, limited rework, appropriate shoring & dewatering etc.)
  • Ensure that the project is built in accordance with the contract documents and industry standards and functions for it's intended use
  • Be the main face of GSE upholding our corporate culture and vision and as much as it depends upon GSE to leave the project with our excellent reputation for partnering and craftsmanship in place or enhanced
  • Ultimately responsible for everything that happens on your project
Project Closeout
  • Typically the Startup Engineer for the project responsible for generating the startup & training plans, coordinating & scheduling all parties and documenting the completion of all startup documentation
  • Responsible for generating and processing final punch list with the owners representative
  • Complete responsibility for closing out the project including closeout documentation and collection of retention
  • Complete GSE internal project closeout documentation.
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