• Assist PM & Superintendent as directed to help execute the project
  • Generate RFIs & PCO documentation as directed including maintaining files & logs
  • Assist in the creation & processing of submittals including verifying accuracy, coordinating with engineers and suppliers all the way through approval and release to fabrication
  • Assist in the creation of various project plans & submittals
  • Issue POs & subcontracts as directed
  • Maintain Bill of Materials as directed
  • Attend project meetings
  • Expected to gain knowledge and be curious and studious regarding all aspects of the construction of water & waste water facilities
  • Be part of a project team that successfully completes the project and enhances GSE's long term capacity & enhances GSE's reputation and profile in the market place
  • Monitor project budgets in order to assist in maintaining the profitability of the projects
  • Monitor CPM Schedule to assist in ensuring that the project is on or ahead of schedule, over billed and with a positive % billed vs. % time ratio
  • Assist in receiving material & entry into View Point system
  • Assist in ensuring safe work practices including preplanning and engineering measures for safety
  • Work with Superintendent to ensure that the correct equipment is on site, maintained and appropriately utilized minimizing rentals and maximizing productivity
  • Play a support role in order to ensure that the project is built in accordance with the contract documents and industry standards and functions for it's intended use
  • Assist with project startup and closeout as directed
  • Required to notify the PM or superintendent and if necessary the management whenever something on the project of a significant nature could impact the safety of personnel, efficacy of the work, schedule, profitability or reputation & standing of GSE
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