Project Title Project Bid Date Location Amount Estimator
Ora Loma – Nutrient Optimization Project  
Ora Loma Sanitary District
Aug 30, 2018 San Lorenzo $23,500,000 Nate Jones
EMWD – Reach 4 Recycled Water Booster Station Upgrade Project - Rebid  
Eastern Municipal Water District
Sep 11, 2018 Menifee $3,000,000 Nate Jones
SRRRA – Santa Rosa Water Reclamation Facility Rehabilitation - Reb  
Rancho California Water District
Sep 18, 2018 Temecula $28 Million Nate Jones
Oxnard WWTP Emergency Repairs Project  
City of Oxnard
Nov 20, 2018 Oxnard $2,000,000 Nate Jones
Bailey Sewer Lift Station Replacement  
City of Bakersfield
Mar 07, 2019 Bakersfield $1,271,000 Nate Jones
Headworks Deck Replacement PWH0001   
City of Vallejo
Mar 14, 2019 Vallejo $400,000 Nate Jones
MV/SJV/TV RWRF Blower Electrification Project  
Eastern Municipal Water District
Apr 02, 2019 Moreno Valley RWRF, San Jacinto RWRF, Temecula Valley RWRF $8,000,000 Nate Jones
Santa Barbara – Tunnel Road Pump Station Rehabilitation  
City of Santa Barbara
May 15, 2019 Santa Barbara $1,800,000 Nate Jones
Imjin Lift Station Improvement Project CIP No. OS-0205  
City of Marina
Feb 20, 2020 Marina $837,000 Nate Jones
Sidestream Treatment Project 40-213.05  
Oro Loma Sanitary District
Feb 27, 2020 San Lorenzo $200,000 Nate Jones
Woodfield Sewer Pump Station Upgrades CIP WW19-01  
City of Lathrop
Mar 04, 2020 Lathrop $1,036,500 Nate Jones
Sacramento – North Douglas Pressure Reducing Station Project  
County of Sacramento
Mar 05, 2020 Rancho Cordova $297,000 Nate Jones
SLRWRF Digester 3 Cleaning and Valve Replacement  
City of Oceanside
Mar 05, 2020 Oceanside $358,000 Nate Jones
Digester Reliability Improvement Project  
Fairfield -Suisun Sewer District
Mar 16, 2020 Fairfield 3,500,000 Nate Jones
UV Disinfection System Replacement C401504  
City of Santa Cruz
Mar 25, 2020 Santa Cruz $4,500,000 Nate Jones
North Stockton Pipeline Sodium Hypochlorite Injection System  
City of Stockton
Mar 26, 2020 Stockton, Ca. $3,000,000 Nate Jones
Redhawk Reclaimed Water Pump Station D1942  
Rancho California Water District
May 05, 2020 Temecula, Ca. $1,200,000 Nate Jones
Tulare – Sanitary Sewer Lift Station Rehab. Intersection of Mountain View Street and Academy Ave.  
City of Tulare
Sep 24, 2020 Intersection of Mountain View Street and Academy Ave. Tulare, Ca. $50,000 Nate Jones
IRWD - MWRP Primary Clarifiers 1-5 Covers Replacement   
Irvine Ranch Water District
Sep 30, 2020 Irvine, Ca. $924,000 Nate Jones
Redlands – MBR & Digester Improvements Project Phase 1B Project 521006  
City of Redlands
Oct 01, 2020 Redlands, Ca. $5,000,000 Nate Jones
RVWTP – Chlorine Scrubber Replacement Project #300332   
Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency
Oct 15, 2020 Santa Clarita, Ca. $300,000 Nate Jones
CMSA – Cogeneration System Installation Project #21-05   
Central Marin Sanitation Agency (CMSA)
Oct 29, 2020 San Rafael $5,700,000 Nate Jones
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